Merry and Bright: Bringing the Spirit of the Season to the Office

If you are anything like me, you have been listening to holiday music since the day after Halloween. My children got to know Nat King Cole, Perry Como and Bing Crosby quite well at an early age.

I love this time of year because I get gifts… kidding! I love it because most people you see are smiling and laughing. Restaurants are filled with people spreading holiday cheer with family, friends and coworkers, celebrating the year’s accomplishments as a team, business, etc. Energy abounds this time of year! But most of all, I love it because it reminds me to be a kid.

The holidays bring back memories of a simpler time. A world with no bills, deadlines or responsibility – just plain old fun! I am truly filled with a child’s energy this time of year. And I’m lucky – my place of work allows me to bring this energy and excitement to work every day, and the holidays are no exception.


It’s all about the experience

At SEI, we work hard, but in a very open and fun environment. We have captured the excitement and spirit of a start-up and embedded it into the culture of a big corporation. It’s a unique experience and a big reason why I work here.


We are constantly challenging ourselves to change, but we are doing it in a transparent and engaged environment. We attack everything with energy, tenacity and hint of competition. We do not always get it right, but we always go after it. If we fail, we pick ourselves up and move forward. We learn from our mistakes and we take pride in moving forward in a collaborative and innovative way with our team, clients and critical partners.


The holidays at SEI are no different. We go after it and have a ton of fun doing it! We find a way to compete. We all decorate our areas and trash talk each other – oh boy, do I love that part. Equally as important, we give gifts to families who are less fortunate. It is really a wonderful time.


Worth a thousand words

I love SEI and its culture for a lot of reasons, but at this time of year, I look around and feel an extra sense of pride, knowing I am part of something different. This week I wanted to show some images that convey the spirit and camaraderie that makes this time so special around the office.


I hope this post makes you smile and reminds you to take some time and enjoy yourself, your family and your co-workers this holiday season. I know it causes me to stop and think about how lucky we are and how extended our “family” has become. Happy Holidays to all of you and yours.


Front and Centered will be taking a short break while we enjoy the holidays with our families. Look for our next post on Tuesday, January 12th.