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Your Morning Cup of Links: Segment, Know Thyself, and Evolve

After a couple weeks of speaking at conferences and meeting with advisors, I’m finally  back in the office and ready for a coffee break.  It’s also my chance to dig […]


Resolve to Break through in 2012

Nov 18, 2011

“Next year, I’m going to <insert resolution here>.” Who hasn’t done that? We all look ahead to a new year with the best of intentions, but it’s not often we […]


5 Steps for Advisors to Build a Niche Market

In an earlier post, I made the case for niche marketing. Were you intrigued? Skeptical? Heard some of it before but failed to act?  If you’re on the fence, or […]


More May be Merrier, But Not Necessarily More Profitable: Niche Marketing for Advisors

When most advisors first get into business, they have a very narrow focus when it comes to finding new clients. However, after they have hit up their parents and sold […]



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