4 Ways Advisors Can Retain Young Employees (from Someone Who Was Retained)

Sep 13, 2016

Millennials are notorious for jumping from job to job. Keep your best millennial employees – who could be the future of your business – by giving them compelling reasons to stay. (And this might surprise you, but I’m not talking about perks.)


Bad Grandpa: Why the DOL’s Grandfather Clause is Problematic

Grandfathering clauses allow exemptions from the provisions of a new rule/law. And while such a clause was good news for 18-20 year olds in Washington, D.C. when the drinking age got raised to 21, it’s hardly celebratory for advisors dealing with the DOL Rule. (Although it may drive you to drink – because you’re just putting off an inevitable BIC exemption.)


Kicking it Old School: Get Back to Basics with Your Clients (and Yourself)

It’s September – the most wonderful time of the year, according to some parents of school-age children. But “back to school” is also a great time for advisors. You can educate yourself or your clients (or both) – which can ultimately strengthen your relationships with clients.


Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Common Pitfalls in Fund/Manager Evaluation

My manager/fund isn’t performing well… or is it? Many of us have a process we use to determine if a fund or manager is good – but the truth is, many times, that process is flawed. Let’s look at some of the common pitfalls in evaluating investment performance.


If There Is a Magic Bullet, This Is It.

Aug 30, 2016

To be truly engaged at work you should be present in all things physical, emotional and cognitive. It sounds a little tiring, honestly. In her guest post, Julie Littlechild of Absolute Engagement, acknowledges that it’s difficult to get there, but she also assures that it’s equally as rewarding. This is the 5-step process that can lead to better performance.


You’ve Got Mail (You Don’t Want): Responding to Investment Articles Sent by Clients [VIDEO]

Aug 25, 2016

You’ve seen them – provocatively titled articles about some new investment strategy or the impending implosion of the financial markets. Your clients are seeing them, too. And if they are forwarding them to you, and you are responding to them, you’ve got a problem.


Micro Robo-advisors: The Little Big Idea

Aug 23, 2016

Investors crave simplicity, and there is no shortage of innovation in the area of robo-advisors. But let’s get small for a moment – micro robo-advisors are becoming a hit with the younger generation, expanding the robo concept from not just how you should invest, but making it easy for you to save in the first place.


3 Steps to Make Hiring More Than a Gut Decision

Aug 18, 2016

Going with your gut may help you make some business decisions, but unless you’ve got solid experience in interviewing candidates, your “gut check” hire might end up being a thorn in your side. Today’s guest post is from Amy Kizer, managing partner of TalentLink Solutions. Her advice is to balance your “gut feelings” about a candidate with actual data.


Breaking the Mold: How Millennials Have Altered the Investor Life Cycle

Aug 16, 2016

We all know the traditional investor life cycle – growth, stability and distribution. But for the new generation of investor saddled with debt, this outdated model just doesn’t cut it. How are investors supposed to grow their assets when they’re sitting in a net negative position today?


Why the Advice Business is Still a Sales Business

Aug 11, 2016

Let’s face it – advisors who sell, grow. But that can be easier said than done, especially if you’re 1) a seasoned advisor whose selling skills are a bit rusty or 2) a less experienced advisor who never had to cut your teeth at a wire house or insurance agency. To begin cultivating an environment best suited for growth, you need to ask (and answer) the right questions first.





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