The Digital Afterlife: What Role Can Advisors Play?

As advisors, we know that planning for the inevitable is our job description. We talk about retirement and estate planning for clients, but what about a client’s digital assets? If we are doing our job right, we also have to help organize digital property and assets so that when someone passes, the family, business partners and, in some cases, trusted advisors have access to the client’s digital life.

Today’s blog post by John Anderson discusses seven ways to help your clients organize their digital assets.


Firm Analytics – Advisor Fitness Tracker

Nov 17, 2015

Do you use a fitness tracker – a Fitbit, Jawbone UP, or the current ultimate piece of bling, the Apple Watch? I’ve noticed a couple of ways that people use […]


Simply the Best: How Advisors Can Determine (and Land) Their Ideal Client

Nov 12, 2015

Have you asked yourself: “What type of client do I work best with? John Anderson frequently writes about communicating an advisor’s value, finding your niche and value propositions.

In today’s blog post, John shares experiences from recent conference attendance as well as links to recent helpful posts to help you market more effectively.


The Struggle (to Find You Online) Is Real: Some Advice for Advisors

Nov 10, 2015

Today’s it’s essential to have an online presence for you and your business. This is especially true if you want to appeal to millennials, the only generation to have grown up with technology as “digital natives.”

Want to make sure that you and your firm aren’t “invisible” online? Here’s five steps from Missy Pohlig to make your online presence streamlined and impactful.


Be the Host with the Most: Event Planning for Advisors

Events can be a great way to help enhance relationships with current clients, position yourself in front of qualified prospects, and build important mutually beneficial relationships with Centers of Influence (COIs). After all, filling your “events funnel” will inevitably lead to a spillover into your “referral funnel” and “public relations funnel.”

For a host of event planning ideas, read today’s guest blog post from Marie Swift – industry expert on planning events for financial advisors and get access to SEI’s new event planning toolkit.


The Politician’s Guide to Social Media: 7 Rules Advisors Should Use

Nov 3, 2015

If you’re following the candidates running for president next year, there’s a lot you can learn this election cycle about incorporating social media into your marketing mix.

Walk through seven social media benefits used by major campaigns in today’s blog post from Amy Sitnick.


5 Things the Presidential Debates Can Teach Advisors [VIDEO]

Oct 29, 2015

Debate season is in full-swing, and with it, candidates are perfecting their pitches and “selling themselves” to get the public to trust, believe and vote for them.

Have you ever really considered what to do, and what not to do, when selling yourself to clients and prospects?

Watch (and read) my presidential video blog post for the five basic rules candidates (and advisors) should abide by. I’m John Anderson, and I approve this message.


Deficit vs. Debt: A Cheat Sheet

Despite the challenges from abroad with China struggling to maintain economic growth and various European nations struggling to create economic growth, the U. S. economy is still showing positive results, thanks to strong corporate and consumer balance sheets. And yet, concerns about the U. S. national debt and deficit continue to be recurring themes among both investors and advisors.

People often confuse the terms “debt” and “deficit.” Today’s timely blog by John Frownfelter clarifies the difference by walking you through several exhibits and breaks down what this all means for investors. Check it out and let us know – what questions are you hearing form investors?


How Advisors Can Win Business Through Events [Webinar]

Oct 22, 2015

As you start your business and marketing planning for 2016, we hope you will start to consider a marketing investment in your business. For many, events can be a great way to get started growing.

SEI is hosting a webinar with advisor Taylor Ranker and industry expert, Marie Swift to give advisors all kinds of event planning ideas. You won’t want to miss it!


Video Conferencing for Advisors: The New Normal

Oct 20, 2015

If you are not using video conferencing to interact with your clients, you should.

Today’s blog post by Raef Lee will discuss when to use video conferencing, what the landscape of video conferencing vendors looks like and even provide you with a checklist for how to get started with video conferencing.




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