Meet the Techno-Advisor: How Technology Can Future-Proof Your Practice

Feb 24, 2015

Today you’ll meet an impressive milllennial from the SEI Advisor Network Solutions Practice Management Team and colleague of Raef Lee, Missy Pohlig. Raef introduces her in today’s post, and shares her engaging conversation with advisor, Dave Grant of Finance for Teachers.

Find out why they are tired of the term “millennial” and hear their suggestions for using technolgy to better serve your clients. You’ll get actionalble ideas you can easily implement in your practice now and be better positioned to outshine robo-advisors trying to disrupt the marketplace.


Advisor Tax Planning Academy: 3 Sessions, 3 Ways to Demonstrate Your Tax Expertise

An almost daily dose of tax forms (W2s, 1099-DIVs, 1099-INTs) surely means that tax time is here again. Don’t let your clients stress over it this year or avoid talking taxes.

Today’s blog post invites you to attend SEI’s new Advisor Tax Planning Academy, a series of three helpful webinars to give you ideas on tax savings ideas for this year, while your clients are thinking about taxes from last year.


The T3 Conference: Musings on Acquisitions, Integrations, Robo-advisors, and More

Feb 17, 2015

Core to SEI’s value proposition is providing advisors with the technology and information that they need to run their businesses.

Fresh off attending the Technology Tools for Today conference, Raef Lee has first-hand experience of the trends changing the financial services industry today. Read today’s blog post for Raef’s views on the main themes of the conference – including robo-advisors, trends in advisor / client communication and much more.

How is technology changing the way you communicate with clients? Are you adding new services as a result?


Advisor Continuity Planning: Find Your Match

Feb 12, 2015

SEI has worked extensively over the last 18 months with FP Transitions ( to create our SEI PathFinder program; the advisor business growth program that focuses on acquisition, business continuity, succession and mergers.

In this guest post, Brad Bueermann, the CEO of FP Transitions, delves into the path an advisor should follow in finding a good business partner match. You will find that the problems of an individual struggling to find a good date are very similar.


Lookin’ for Love: Advisor Matchmaking with Advisors Ahead

Feb 10, 2015

Being that he’s originally from the UK, Raef Lee doesn’t do Valentines Day or Country music; however, today’s blog post has a little of both. Raef introduces today’s guest blogger, Mike Marciniak of Advisors Ahead, a company whose sole purpose is to match young advisors with established advisory firm. Mike explains why you might be looking for help in all the wrong places, and looking for help in too many faces…


Webinar Q&A: The Next Wave of Financial Planning

Last week, Raef Lee and John Anderson co-hosted another in our monthly webinar series. Over 1,000 advisors registered for our Next Wave of Financial Planning presentation where we outlined the results of our national survey of advisors and introduced our newest whitepaper written by Raef, Michael Kitces and I. Read today’s post for insights from the webinar and to download our comprehensive, new whitepaper.


Innovation in Financial Planning Software: eMoney Advisor Is Just the Beginning

Feb 3, 2015

What an interesting week for for financial planning: one of the most successful financial planning companies, eMoney Advisor, was acquired in a major advisor-tech deal. This highlights the main theme of today’s post: the great innovation that has been coming out of financial planning companies.

In today’s post, Raef Lee expands on a section of our newly-released paper co-authored with Michael Kitces, “The Next Wave of Financial Planning.” Read now about the ever-present state of technology innovation in financial planning. You’ll also have the opportunity to download our comprehensive whitepaper.


Advisors’ Morning Cup of Links: Blogging, De-stressing, and Getting Feedback

Jan 29, 2015

Roads were closed on Monday night, flights were cancelled, and everybody braced for the huge snowstorm that never came to Philadelphia. All the dire predictions of 5-20 inches of snow failed to materialize. And if it was up to John Anderson, he doesn’t mind one bit. He was able to spend the day sitting by a fire and catching up on some long-needed reading.

Find out what John thought was newsworthy in today’s “Cup of Links” blog post.


Advisors: Where to Put Your Clients’ Money in 2015

Often, John Frownfelter, Director of Investment Solutions for the SEI Advisor Network gets asked, “Where should I invest this year” from clients, as well as friends and family members. Especially given the recent volatile markets, investing in multiple asset classes can smooth out the client experience.

Read today’s blog for John’s perspective on the values of a diversified portfolio, bolstered by statistics and charts that support the benefits. You’ll also get access to an investor-approved article that you can share with clients. Check it out!


Advisors: Are You Compensating Your Staff Correctly?

Jan 22, 2015

Since it’s still January, it is a great time to have the compensation conversation with your staff. Why not start the year off right?

In today’s blog post, John Anderson tackles this much-talked about topic and offers four starting points for thinking about your employee’s compensation this year. Read for resources you can turn to in order to find out if your firm salaries are in line with your peers.




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