Why Your Clients Can’t Distinguish You from Other Advisors – and What to Do About It

How do you communicate or show your value and efforts to all of your clients? In today’s video blog from John Anderson breaks it down for you. Remember, if you can’t justify your worth, your clients won’t be able to either. Show them the way with the tools discussed in today’s post and weigh in with your own experiences. How do you communicate your value for the services charged to your clients?


Blogging Your Way to Success: 6 Steps for Advisors

May 21, 2015

Our Practically Speaking blog just hit its 4-year anniversary this week. Frankly, the response has been better than we ever anticipated or could have imagined. In today’s blog, John Anderson shares some of the major lessons we’ve learned in creating and growing our blog – and give you some food for thought about blogging as a way to engage with your prospects and provide another service touch with your clients.


How to Stop Junior Advisors from Making the Same Mistakes You Did

I spend a significant amount of time working with experienced financial advisors who outsource their investments and administration to garner the efficiencies inherent in delegating those functions and spend more […]


Growing, Growing, Gone? How Taking a Goal-based Approach Now Simplifies Market Volatility Conversations Later

May 14, 2015

For many advisory firms, business is up, revenue is up, and client satisfaction is at an all-time high. Having the right conversations today can set you apart from the complacent advisors (and their complacent clients). In today’s post, John Anderson will tell you how you can differentiate yourself from other advisors and invite you to our upcoming webinar – “Now is the Time for a Financial Planning Tune-up.” Check it out!


Shining a Light on Financial Planning Myths

May 12, 2015

If you Google “financial planning myths,” you get just over 1.5 million results. Most of them are from magazines and financial planning companies. They are attempting, in a sound bite, to explain financial planning, but from the odd position of what it is not. In today’s blog post by Raef Lee, he lists just a few of the myths and misconceptions faced by our industry as well as ways advisors can position themselves to dispel such myths.


A Better Approach to Evaluating Investment Performance

Are investors shifting their attention to investment performance over communications and goal achievement in judging their financial advisors? If yes, it would seem that they have forgotten the lessons of 2008 and 2009 and have focused on what the S&P or Dow has done especially in the last two years.

Jay Mooreland, in today’s guest blog post, shares how framing the performance conversation with your clients can remind them that the benchmark shouldn’t be some unrealistic, un-investable combination of a few stocks. The conversation should be around real expectations and how they feel about their long term goals, not the even longer term indexes. Read on for ways that Jay can help you “Frame the Framing” discussion.


Twitter Prospecting for Advisors

May 5, 2015

In general, advisors “get” LinkedIn and most have a profile, some also have a Facebook account; however, advisors have the most questions about Twitter. What is it? How are other people using it? Get in the know about this important social media platform by reading today’s guest blog post by Brian Hart of Flackable.


Market Minute – May 1, 2015

If you’re an average equity mutual fund investor, chances are your returns last year were about 8% lower than the S&P 500 index–the standard benchmark used to measure equity investments.
Or […]


5 Ways Advisors Can Spring into Action and Grow

Apr 30, 2015

Many of our Practically Speaking blog posts center on growth – the most popular ones are about referrals or creating a value proposition. We spend a lot of time talking about differentiating your services for clients and prospects in order to grow. But to John Anderson, there are two types of growth – top line and bottom line – and an advisor has to pay attention to both. Read today’s blog post for five growth tips you can implement in your practice today!


The Planning Area Most Advisors Don’t Know About (but Should)

Apr 28, 2015

In our exploding digital world, it’s essential to help clients plan for both their real-life estates, but also their digital estate plan as well. In today’s blog post by Amy Sitnick, you’ll hear how you, as a financial advisor, can help clients carefully plan the transfer of digital assets in order to protect their privacy and legacy.

This post includes end-of-life planning suggestions and guidelines for discontinuing the social media accounts of a loved one.




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