Advisors: Are Your Newsletters Missing a Key Ingredient?

Nov 13, 2014

If you want to communicate to your clients (and maybe some prospects), it is worth doing right. Do you want your emails and/or newsletters to be immediately trashed, or do you want them to add value to your client relationships? If you make it personal, they will want to hear from you. Find out how you can make your communications have an impact with investors in today’s blog post from John Anderson.


3 Characteristics Veterans and Advisors Share

Veterans Day is a deeply personal holiday for me. I was raised in a small, rural town and enlisted in the United States Army when I was 17 to give back for the freedoms we enjoy in our great nation. There were a variety of influences in my life that drove the decision..


Is Your Plan Focused on the Right Indicators?

As you think about planning for 2015 think about ask yourself, do I want sustainable growth or growth for growth’s sake? In today’s blog post, John Anderson highlights SEI’s recent webinar with co-sponsor, FA Insight, and insights from their research study, Growth by Design.


5 Critical Marketing Questions Financial Advisors Must Ask Themselves

One of the greatest things about my job is “playing the outsider” when I talk to advisors. I try to look at marketing, value propositions or , materials with a detached view, trying to point out what a client or prospect may see. Often, we get too married to our own ideas, preventing us from seeing how we are really perceived. I thought that today’s guest blog post did a great job asking advisors to objectively look at their marketing and asked some difficult, yet important questions. Take a read of “5 Critical Marketing Questions Financial Advisors Must Ask Themselves.”


4 Ways Advisors Can Show Clients They’re in it for the Long Haul

Oct 30, 2014

We all could eat healthier, exercise more and develop a better work/life balance. For the independent advisor, I think it is even more critical to build a better business and strengthen client relationships. When a client hires you as their advisor, it’s with the intention that the relationship will last a very long time. Clients won’t refer friends and family to someone they don’t think will be around for the long haul. Read today’s blog by John Anderson for four tips to keep you, your family and your clients balanced and happy.


5 Social Media Stepping Stones for Advisors

Oct 28, 2014

Are you a social media newbie? Want to try your hand at marketing online, but not sure where to start? Read today’s blog post by Amy Sitnick, Senior Marketing Manager at SEI, for the “5 Social Media Stepping Stones for Advisors.” Remember – social media is just another way to communicate wtih clients and prospects.


Upcoming Webinar: New Insights from Growth by Design

Oct 23, 2014

I was very excited two weeks ago when the 2014 FAInsight Study of Advisory Firms: “Growth by Design” arrived on my desk. The study, completed every two years, is always one of my go-to documents that helps me understand how successful advisors are growing and more importantly what the standout firms- the top third– are doing differently than the average firms. On Monday, October 27, I’m hosting a webinar with Dan Inveen, Principal and Director of Research for FAInsight. Together we will discuss the study and provide answers to the questions above and many more.


Volatility Is Back

The market has been on a rollercoaster ride over the last month. How do we get off? And what should you be telling clients? First and foremost, it’s important to remind clients that volatility is a natural and necessary part of market expansion. For SEI’s perspective and three investor-approved communication materials, read today’s blog by John Frownfelter, Managing Director of Investment Solutions for the SEI Advisor Network.


Ebola, Ukraine, ISIS: The Markets Are Reacting – Advisors Should Be Talking

Every day, we are bombarded by more bad news. We hear of Ebola, ISIS (or ISIL), another European recession, the Ukraine, and the list keeps growing. All the bad news finally caught up with the markets, as last week the Dow had multiple triple digit swings and ended up down over 2.5%. As I write this, the first three days of this week, the market has been more of the same as volatility is up – way up. At times like these, I typically see two types of advisors.


Advisors: If You Don’t Have One, You Can’t Be Effective

A few weeks ago, I sat down with a very impressive younger advisor. He leads his office in new accounts, has created a few traditional and non-traditional COIs that are feeding him leads, and his advisory business is booming. On the personal side, he was recently married, bought a new house and even acquired the pre-kid little puppy (which many newlyweds seem to use as a test of their domesticity). From the outside looking in, everything looked great, but as my colleague and I sat in the advisor’s office, I realized (fairly quickly) that he was about to hit a wall. Not just a little wall, but a huge brick wall – with spikes on it!

Let me explain…




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