Our Most Popular Posts of 2015, Part 2

In 2015 we published over 50 blogs from SEI contributors as well as guest columnists from around the industry. Since other advisors found these articles so valuable, we wanted to make sure that you also saw them (again!). Today we’re running our second batch of “Best of” hits on Practically Speaking.


In Case You Missed It: Our Most Popular Posts of 2015, Part 1

Dec 22, 2015

It’s been a busy year! As we bring our year to a close, we’ve collected our top 10 blog posts. Here is part one of our two-part series, just in case you missed the great things our contributors have published.


Advisor Fees at a Crossroads: Why Raef Is Wrong

Dec 17, 2015

Earlier this week in Practically Speaking, Raef Lee posted an introduction to our upcoming webinar and white paper “Advisor Fees at a Crossroads.” In today’s post, John Anderson lays out a model for change and advocates for the advantages of a modular fee structure. You’ll also hear about our upcoming whitepaper, Fees at a Crossroads and be able to register for our webinar on 1/11 highlighting our latest reseach on fee-models.


Advisor Fees at a Crossroads: Has AUM Reached a Dead End?

Dec 15, 2015

Is the decline of advisor fees inevitable? Fees are a popular topic here on Practically Speaking – and for good reason. In today’s post, Raef Lee discusses why he thinks that the industry is at a fork in the road on advisor fees. He suggests the direction that individual advisors should take is individually based their unique circumstances. Read on for more insights on advisor fees as well as access to the executive summary of our new whitepaper and register for our upcoming webinar, Fees at a Crossroads.


[Video] How Do Your Clients Expect to be Charged?

Dec 10, 2015

Whether you run a small independent advisory firm or a large institutional bank, it is difficult to know what your client really values in their relationship with you. It is also hard to know how they might like to pay fees going forward.

In today’s video blog, we tackle fees and how clients expect to be charged in the future.


Q & A: One Advisor’s Experience with Workflows

Dec 8, 2015

It is a sad truth: advisors like to hear from other advisors more than they like to hear from us. Therefore, whenever we can persuade an advisor to share their […]


How to Stand Out in a Sea of Advisors

Did you know that “John Anderson” is the 6th most common name in America? It’s difficult to stand out when you have the same name and also as an advisor, in a sea of almost 300,000 other advisors! In today’s blog, John Anderson talks about the value of your personal brand and value proposition, and how these can help you stand out from the crowd.


Referrals via LinkedIn: Go From “It’s Complicated” to “In a Relationship”

Dec 1, 2015

LinkedIn is THE professional networking site favored by financial advisors. However, while most advisors have a LinkedIn profile, many aren’t sure how to use LinkedIn to cultivate referrals.

Today’s blog post with Amy Sitnick and featuring training specialist Todd Greider, discusses how you can use your network of connections online to develop relationships and get introductions to qualified prospects.

Read the post and give their suggestions a test. Do these networking tips help you utilize LinkedIn more effectively?


With Gratitude: Advisors Share What They’re Thankful For

Nov 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Practically Speaking. All of us are thankful for the opportunity to engage with and hear from advisors all around the country (and frankly the world). We treasure the relationships and the ability to share ideas and strategies. This week we wanted to share a few stories from advisors to see what they’re thankful for this holiday season. Please enjoy and feel free to add what you are thankful in the comments section.


FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on Workflows: Why Advisors Should Get on Board with Better Processes

Nov 23, 2015

Do your firm’s practices feel outdated? In today’s blog post, Missy Pohlig describes her experience in working with advisory firms who have committed to investing in their people, processes and technology. Not only has this made them more productive, but also appealing to recruiting and retaining younger employees. Learn more about the benefits of workflows and how you can register for SEI’s upcoming webinar on implementing repeatable processes in your practice.




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