Don’t Bounce Your Referrals, Nurture Them

Aug 21, 2014

It’s like whisper down the lane. Delighted clients, networking events, business card exchanges—however your referrals have heard of your business, you don’t want the message to be jumbled midway. You want those referrals to visit your website, learn about you, and become a paying a client. Don’t bounce your referrals! Nurture them! Here is a process to ensure that the whisper doesn’t become lost, and that your referrals are led successfully through your Buyer’s Journey.


Cooking Up a Great Client Experience

Great cooking is an art — so is providing great financial advice. The key is to make sure you put the time in to prepare. Just like a chef doesn’t just walk into the kitchen five minutes before the first patron is seated, the best financial advisors don’t conduct client service meetings without a process that the whole office knows and understands.

Learn more about effectively preparing for your next client meeting and find out about our latest webinar, Reinventing the Client Experience: Discover the Four Elements of Loyalty-Building Client Service, in which you’ll get more tools to prepare you for your next client service meeting.


Succession Planning – Eating Your Vegetables

Aug 14, 2014

In May, SEI ran a survey asking advisors their thoughts about acquisition and succession planning. It is a hot topic and we were delighted to get feedback from 771 respondents. Today’s blog post recaps what advisors think about business continuity planning, succession planning and who to turn to when you need help with these important decisions. View today’s blog post for these insights on your peers’ responses as well as access to our latest white paper, Acquisition & Succession Planning: Shift Your Focus from Retirement to Growth, and entertaining video series.


Scratching a Niche: The Hidden Gems Inside Your Book of Business

Aug 12, 2014

Last month, I hosted a webinar called “Building Client Affinity through Segmentation, Niche Marketing and Service.” We had over 500 advisors sign up for the call and as usual, we held quick polls to learn more about the audience. To me, the most interesting stat in the quick polls was that 73% of advisor respondents segment their clients by investable assets or revenue generated to their firm, or they don’t segment at all. By not segmenting, or segmenting on what is important to the advisor and not the client, almost three-quarters of advisors are missing out…on a huge opportunity to become more efficient – in their marketing, client service, and businesses.


Top 5 Things Advisors Would Change about Their Businesses

The role of a financial advisor is getting more complex with time, and this reality will not change any time in the near future. To be successful in this competitive environment, you’ll need to define a marketing strategy that is focused on cultivating relationships with existing clients, while also acquiring new clients.

All too often, financial advisors lack the time to implement a marketing strategy on their own. Today’s blog post can help. Read these five simple rules to help you get started marketing today.


How Advisors Can Make August Their Seventh Inning Stretch

If you take a look at your book today, are you on track? When I ask that question to many advisors, the first response is usually “On track for what?” What I am asking is: Do you have goals and are you tracking and measuring against those goals?


How Financial Advisors Can Identify New CPA Relationships through Social Media

Jul 31, 2014

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to meet new centers of influence (or COIs); in particular, accountants and CPAs.

CPAs are connected with so many clients for tax preparation and as such, they can be a terrific source of new business. If you’d like to get introduced to new accounting relationships and discuss how you share their vision of helping clients save money on taxes, social media is a tool you should consider.

There are many ways for you to meet CPAs and accountants via social media. I’ll break them down by platform.


Staying Seaworthy: How Lifeboat Drills Help Prepare Clients for Market Downturns

Jul 29, 2014

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I would not consider myself an investment guy. Sure, part of my job is to manage a team of professionals that analyze client portfolios. And sure, I can at least sound convincing when talking about the markets and investment products with most advisors and their clients — you do tend to pick up things in close to 30 years in our business. I personally believe that advisors can’t differentiate themselves by focusing on investments or the products that they sell. They can only set themselves apart with personal attention to their clients and the advice they give.

With that said, today I want to talk about investments and your business. While it might be tempting for both you and your clients to “set it and forget it” when the markets are up, history indicates this is exactly the wrong approach.


Take the Bull by the Horns

After the extraordinary equity market results 2013, who would have thought we would be testing new highs in the stock market in 2014? Interestingly enough, that is exactly what we have been doing throughout the year. According to Yahoo Finance, the S+P 500 and Dow closed at all-time highs of 1,981.57 and 17,138.20 on July 16


What is important to your clients? They want you to know

Jul 23, 2014

For a quite some time now, I have been preaching the benefits of client segmentation – not by what is important to you but what is important to the client! Think about it, just because two clients have the same amount of money or generate the same amount of revenue to your firm does it mean they have anything else in common?




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