When Diversification “Fails”… Diversify

Diversification remains a great way to help manage risk while gaining exposure to the broad markets over time. But a nervous client may not see that. Here are some examples you can use to help explain variability in asset class returns, as well as the consistency diversification can add over time.


When You’re the Asset, Allocate Wisely

Mar 31, 2016

How many hats do you wear in your advisory business? Those hats may be keeping you from focusing on the things that truly matter to your clients. Maybe it’s time reallocate yourself.


The Next New Thing – Content and the Advisor Website

Mar 29, 2016

What first impression does your website give to prospects and clients? If that question made you hang your head (or go to your website because you can’t even remember what it looks like), then today’s post is for you.


The Prescription for What Ails Your Fee Structure

Mar 24, 2016

Are fee conversations a bitter pill you’re asking clients to swallow? The problem may not lie in your fee structure, but in their perception of your value. I have an analogy that may help you rethink your model.


The Letter Advisors Will Never Get from Their Clients’ Kids

Mar 22, 2016

If you’re not including your clients’ children in the financial planning process, you probably have no relationship with them. What do they think of you, the complete stranger whom their parents call their financial advisor? Here’s what a letter from them might sound like.


Don’t Exempt Tax Planning from Your Service Menu [Webinar]

Mar 17, 2016

Advisors may be looking more seriously at moving from commission to fee, due to the pending DOL fiduciary rule. Adding services like tax planning may make conversations with clients easier. Our upcoming webinar will educate you on tax considerations you can implement year round.


How Risk Can Revolutionize Your Engagement with Prospective Clients

Mar 15, 2016

If you’re only talking about risk during asset allocation conversations, you’re missing an opening to accelerate trust-building with prospects. In his guest blog, Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze, says advisors should take the risk conversation from a questionnaire to a new way of prospect engagement.


The DOL Fiduciary Rule: What Advisors are Asking (Part 2)

Mar 10, 2016

If you’re providing advisory services to qualified accounts, the proposed DOL fiduciary rule affects you. Today, I’m answering more of your questions and helping you plan for conversations with clients.


Millennial Friend Request: Advisor, Please Confirm

Why listen to them when you can hear from millennials directly? Take a look at the latest Facebook research on millennials and money to find out what they care about (and why you should, too).


The DOL Fiduciary Rule: What Advisors Are Asking (Part 1)

Advisors should get in front of fiduciary and fee conversations with clients before the proposed DOL fiduciary rule goes into effect. But you need to understand its impact first. John Anderson answers your questions so you can begin your action plan.




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