Advisors: Who is your GPS?

It’s family vacation time for the Anderson family. Every year my wife, two sons (ages 4 and 7) and I head off to Maine for a week. If it were […]


Your Morning Cup of Links: S&P Downgrade Edition

Unless you are hiding under a rock, you know there has been some noise in the markets the last few sessions (down 14% over the last 11 sessions as I […]


Debt Ceilings, Deficits, and Down Trends: The Best Advisors Put Market Events in Context

In the last few weeks, the debt ceiling crisis has been diverted, but the deficit is still alarming, the euro is facing challenges with Greece, Spain and Italy. Unemployment, in […]


5 Steps for Advisors to Build a Niche Market

In an earlier post, I made the case for niche marketing. Were you intrigued? Skeptical? Heard some of it before but failed to act?  If you’re on the fence, or […]


4 Ways Advisors Can Boost Client Referrals

Jul 28, 2011

A few weeks back I was fortunate to co-host a webcast with Julie Littlechild, President of Advisor Impact called “Turbo-Charge Your Referral Process.”  In it, we discussed four ways to […]


How Doing Good Can Help Advisors Do Well

Jul 26, 2011

This summer, I had the “good” fortune to be the head coach on my 6 year old’s little league team. By the end of the season, I almost had the […]


More May be Merrier, But Not Necessarily More Profitable: Niche Marketing for Advisors

When most advisors first get into business, they have a very narrow focus when it comes to finding new clients. However, after they have hit up their parents and sold […]


Get Above the Noise: Talk to Your Clients the Way They Want

Jul 19, 2011

Last week I took a little test… starting Monday and continuing through Friday, I wrote down the number of emails I got at work, our family email account and my […]


Working Hard or Hardly Working on Growing Your Advisor Business?

Jul 14, 2011

Over the years, I have watched advisors do some silly things, all in the name of “work”:  Endless debates on the merits of one large-cap fund vs. another Countless meetings […]


Your Morning Cup of Links: The Death of the Status Quo, Plus 10 Dumb Things to Avoid

Jul 12, 2011

Although there is more sunlight in the summer months, I still seem to run out of daylight more than in the winter months. I guess we all try to pack […]




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