2017 Software Survey Results: Mature Software Dominate Their Categories

Mar 14, 2017

You may never think it’s a “good time” to upgrade your technology (relative to your revenue-generating initiatives). But it’s important to understand the different technology categories and what advisors like you think of them. Luckily, a new survey provides a thoughtful analysis of the market share and user satisfaction rates in the financial planning/investment advisor space.


Why Succession Planning is More “Dating Game” Than “Married At First Sight”

Think you’ve found your successor? Don’t rush into putting a ring on it – both sides need to make sure that they won’t end up in a dead-end relationship. I’ve got 6 steps to help you smartly integrate your businesses and set you both up for wedded bliss.


Entrepreneurial Financial Advisors: The Evolution of Finance

Looking for ways to avoid being disrupted by forever-changing financial regulations? Patrick Tucker, owner of True Measure Wealth Management, suggests that it’s a great time to think like an entrepreneur – shifting your mindset and evolving into a new breed of fiduciary.


Building Your Brand to Get Quality Referrals

Are you happy with the quantity and quality of referrals you’re getting? If not, the issue may lie with the way you are branding (or not branding) yourself. Today’s guest post from Tactibrand’s Kirk Lowe sets the table for an ongoing series on advisor branding.


Your Answer to “Why Haven’t My Investments Kept Up with the Dow?”

Yes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently hit a milestone. And yes, people have started referring to the DJIA as “the market.” But is it really a representative reflection of how the stock market as a whole behaves?


T3 2017: Advisors Look to Technology for Now and Tomorrow

Feb 21, 2017

If attendance at the Technology Tools for Today (T3) Conference is any indication, more and more advisors want to understand the fast-moving technology of our industry. Here are my thoughts on the biggest takeaways from this year’s conference, based on conversations with attendees and vendors.


Tax Webinar Follow-up: Dean Mioli Answers Your Most Taxing Questions

Feb 16, 2017

Tax planning is a year-round exercise. Dean Mioli, director of investment planning for the SEI Advisor Network Investment Services team, wants to help you pounce on planning opportunities.


Still Looking for that Young Successor? Maybe It’s You, Not Them

Feb 14, 2017

We’ve all seen it – the advisor who is about 10 years from retirement, starting to think about finding a potential successor. But as their quest for the “right” person drags on, time ticks away. I talked to Amy Kizer, Managing Partner with TalentLink Solutions, who has a little tough love for the advisors looking for that perfect match.


DOL Rule: Delayed, Changed or Killed… Who Cares?

The train has left the station. The cat is out of the bag. Choose whatever expression you want – but whether the DOL rule is delayed, modified or killed, a more educated general public will demand that you act in their best interests.





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