On Brexit, Betterment and Conversations with Clients

What do you have that robos don’t? A face, for one (a pretty critical component for face-to-face conversations). But there’s oh so much more. Let’s look at a recent, real-world example that shines a light on the fundamental differences between man (and woman) and machine.


Why IT Outsourcing is the “It” Thing for Advisors

Jul 5, 2016

Farming out your office technology to a third party might sound daunting (or expensive), but cybersecurity threats to your business – and data – can wreak havoc on your reputation and grind your firm to a halt. The outsourcing IT landscape has really taken shape over the last few years; let me get you up to speed.


Investing is Like Gambling: 4 Ways to Debunk the Myth

Jun 30, 2016

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that investing is just another form of gambling, I’d have a lot of gambling… er, investing money. Your clients or prospects may think it, but it’s simply not true. I have 4 hard truths that you can use to respectfully set the record straight.


The Power of Conviction: The Potential Tradeoffs of Belief Investing

Investing in things you believe in is noble, but it’s not without potential tradeoffs. As you help your clients make investment decisions, you can help them weigh their options by discussing the 3 constraints that belief-based investing may place on their portfolio.


Thriving as a Financial Advisor in the Connection Economy

Jun 23, 2016

Trust is a precious resource – and the driver for making meaningful relationships. In today’s Connection Economy, we need to find and use our authentic voice to deliver a consistent message. This week, I’ve asked Marie Swift of Impact Communications to help us find our voices and get to the heart of our brands.


Where Advisors Spend Their Technology Dollars

Jun 21, 2016

You’re investing in technology to adapt to changes in your clients’ needs, increased regulatory scrutiny and changing delivery models. At the same time, you need to consider the trends that will influence your future IT spend. This week, I’m sharing highlights from Celent’s latest report on wealth management IT spending.


The Value of Planning is Zero if You Don’t Charge for it

Jun 16, 2016

Investment advisory fees – that’s probably the line item on your clients’ statements. Are you “hiding” your real value there by not indicating it’s a planning fee? If so, your clients may not see you (or your value) as a planner – and that could hurt you in a market downturn or conversation about the DOL rule.


Why No One Wants to be an Advisor When They Grow Up

Jun 14, 2016

Chances are, “a financial advisor!” was not your answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” (even after your “superhero” and “fireman” phase). Why is it that so many young people never consider financial planning as a potential career path? It’s kind of our industry’s fault, but we can do something about it.


Advisors: What’s Your DOL Excuse?

Any advisor who is waiting for “something” to stop the DOL rule from going into effect next April is delaying the inevitable – and the clock is ticking. Hope has never been a strategy for your clients; why should you be any different?


Why Investors Are Their Own Worst Enemies: Lessons from the DALBAR QAIB

When investors focus on an arbitrary market benchmark, or bend to the will of emotions like fear or greed, they can make bad investment decisions. The latest DALBAR Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior Report shows that investment results are more dependent on investor behavior than on fund performance. I break down the key findings and explain why it makes the case for a goals-based approach.





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