Tax Strategies in Retirement: Advisor Questions Answered [VIDEO]

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Not surprisingly, our recent webinar, Tax Planning and Retirement Income Strategies, generated a lot of great questions. So much so, we had to devote a blog post to answer them.

Rather than try to fill the page we decided to film the page. Join our investment planning director, Dean Mioli, and me for today’s video blog answering three of the more popular questions about IRAs and required minimum distributions.


Neither SEI nor its affiliates provide tax advice. Please note that (i) any discussion of U.S. tax matters contained in this communication cannot be used by you for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties; (ii) this communication was written to support the promotion or marketing of the matters addressed herein; and (iii) you should seek advice based on your particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.

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John Anderson

John Anderson

John Anderson is the creator and lead author of Practically Speaking blog and Managing Director of Practice Management Solutions for the SEI Advisor Network.

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  • Great stuff! Dean is one smart guy. Great info about 401(k)’s and not being ablet to aggregate the RMDs.



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