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3 Steps to Make Hiring More Than a Gut Decision

Aug 18, 2016

Going with your gut may help you make some business decisions, but unless you’ve got solid experience in interviewing candidates, your “gut check” hire might end up being a thorn in your side. Today’s guest post is from Amy Kizer, managing partner of TalentLink Solutions. Her advice is to balance your “gut feelings” about a candidate with actual data.


Why the Advice Business is Still a Sales Business

Aug 11, 2016

Let’s face it – advisors who sell, grow. But that can be easier said than done, especially if you’re 1) a seasoned advisor whose selling skills are a bit rusty or 2) a less experienced advisor who never had to cut your teeth at a wire house or insurance agency. To begin cultivating an environment best suited for growth, you need to ask (and answer) the right questions first.


4 Ways Interns Help Advisors As Much as You Help Them

Every summer, we welcome several interns to our sales and solutions teams – and every summer, we’re glad we did. They offer fresh perspectives, a lot of energy, and some fantastic ideas. Today, two of our interns make a case for why hiring interns is a winning approach for your practice.


Tax Strategies in Retirement: Advisor Questions Answered [VIDEO]

Taking an active role in your clients’ tax planning efforts could help them lessen their tax burden. But to do it, you have to understand the intricacies and implications of things like required minimum distributions. I sat down with Dean Mioli, our investment planning director, to get answers to some of your more pressing questions.


5 Transformative Trends and What They Mean to Advisors

Jul 26, 2016

Innovations in technology transform how businesses operate. And according to research from “The Upside of Disruption,” the future of the asset management industry depends on innovation. So what does that mean for advisors? I’ll introduce you to the 5 transformative technology trends from the paper and apply them to the advisor market.


3 Ways You’re Hurting Your Advisory Business By Winning Clients

Jul 21, 2016

There’s a competitor in all of us. And that’s great – until it isn’t. With every new client “win,” you should consider what it does for your business long-term. Using that lens can help you determine when the winning strategy is to actually say no.


Why Millennials Don’t Seek Out Advisors – And What You Can Do About It

Jul 19, 2016

When millennials have questions about their finances, they usually ask their parents and friends. Or maybe they just Google it. What they DON’T do is reach out to an advisor. There’s actually a pretty easy fix for this, and it starts with how you make yourselves known to them.


Last Week Tonight (and Lots of Advisor Tomorrows): “Are You a Fiduciary?”

Jul 14, 2016

You don’t have to be an HBO subscriber to have seen the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment called “Retirement Plans.” It’s easily found online. And it shines quite a light on a question that your clients will soon ask you (if they haven’t already): “Are you a fiduciary?” Your answer depends on which (if any) BIC you use – so you need to get your house in order – and fast.


On Brexit, Betterment and Conversations with Clients

What do you have that robos don’t? A face, for one (a pretty critical component for face-to-face conversations). But there’s oh so much more. Let’s look at a recent, real-world example that shines a light on the fundamental differences between man (and woman) and machine.


Why IT Outsourcing is the “It” Thing for Advisors

Jul 5, 2016

Farming out your office technology to a third party might sound daunting (or expensive), but cybersecurity threats to your business – and data – can wreak havoc on your reputation and grind your firm to a halt. The outsourcing IT landscape has really taken shape over the last few years; let me get you up to speed.




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