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Techno-Advisor: The Mechanics of Good Service

You’re not all that different from a small bike shop. You’re both trying to combine proven processes and automation (like a chain) with personal, high-touch relationships (like a neighborhood business). So how can you combine the best of both worlds?


Living in a Financial Bubble

The market may still climb – or it might not. Either way, your clients are more likely to consider your advice when things are calm. Advise them now for the prospect of bumpy volatility.


Rich Uncle Ralph: Here to Teach Us (and Your Clients’ Kids) a Thing or Two About Financial Planning

If, when you were 12, you received some solid life and financial advice from your knowledgeable (and possibly rich) uncle… would you have hit the ground running into adulthood? One advisor is acting as a stand-in uncle for his clients’ kids. It’s a win for his firm, as well as for Gen Y and Gen Z.


Advisors: What Was Your Walk Away Moment?

Nov 16, 2017

In business – as in life –the lessons are often in the mistakes we make. But sometimes the better knowledge is seeing the mistake coming and avoiding it altogether. Not always possible, but in some advisor practice scenarios it is probable.


Why Successful Advisors are Exiting the Business

This week Dan Richards is back to share his take on the current state of financial advice and the successful advisors who provide it.


Advisors: Are You Measuring the Wrong Things?

Oct 26, 2017

Are you measuring the wrong business indicators? Knowing AUM is good, but it doesn’t provide any idea of where you’re going.


Equifax: A Teachable Micro-Moment for Advisors

Sep 21, 2017

I see a teachable moment in how advisors reacted – or didn’t – to the recent Equifax news.


Another Perspective: Client Advisory Boards Deliver More Long-Term Value than Focus Groups

Sep 15, 2017

I love a good debate – because we all benefit from the discussion. Steve Wershing of The Client Driven Practice, weighs in on the value of advisory boards (which differs from mine). Who do you agree with?


Use Client Feedback to Drive Engagement and Growth

Aug 8, 2017

A well-designed client survey has the power to deepen your relationships with your clients and transform your business. Actifi’s Martha Blenkush says the effectiveness of your survey hinges on the questions you ask and what you do with the results.


Why One-Size-Fits-All Client Service Doesn’t (Fit, That Is)

“One size-fits-all” is often ill-fitting – that’s true when it comes to clothing, as well as client service. If you’re segmenting by AUM or revenue, rather than by what is important to your clients, you’re setting them (and yourself!) up for disappointment.





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