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The Power of Conviction: The Potential Tradeoffs of Belief Investing

Investing in things you believe in is noble, but it’s not without potential tradeoffs. As you help your clients make investment decisions, you can help them weigh their options by discussing the 3 constraints that belief-based investing may place on their portfolio.


What Are the Odds that Investing is Like Gambling?

When I decided to write on this subject, I already knew the answer: investing is nothing like gambling. But the more I looked into it, the more similarities I found. So which is it?


When Diversification “Fails”… Diversify

Diversification remains a great way to help manage risk while gaining exposure to the broad markets over time. But a nervous client may not see that. Here are some examples you can use to help explain variability in asset class returns, as well as the consistency diversification can add over time.


Continuous Client Service – It’s Time to Differentiate Yourself

Apr 29, 2013

It’s happening again!  Today, we launched Part 2 in our End-to-End Excellence Series – Continuous Client Service – Lock in Loyalty and Build Your Business to those of you who registered […]


Set Yourself Apart by Walking Out.

Jun 12, 2012

Last week, I spoke at a Broker-Dealer conference. I really enjoy attending these meetings and, by all accounts, so do most advisors. These conferences have the potential for great networking […]


Crisis Breeds Opportunity By Matt Oechsli

Sep 14, 2011

Right now we have a breeding ground for strengthening current client relationships and developing new client relationships (rainmaking).  But you need to take the time to understand the wants, needs, […]


Your Morning Cup of Links: Goals-based Conversations, Making Social Media Profitable and iPads on the Rise

Hopefully you all had a great Memorial Day holiday! If you were mentally checked out over the past week, I wanted to share with you a few articles that you […]



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