When Advisors Attack (Social Media): Q&A from the FPA Panel

Sep 2, 2015

Our resident social media expert, Amy Sitnick, recently participated in a business development panel as part of FPA Philadelphia’s NexGen Professional Development series. Miss the live event? Read today’s blog post for a Q&A on social media for financial advisors, and get ideas on how you can incorporate online tactics to grow your client base.

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[VIDEO BLOG] Building Technology into the Trust Equation

Aug 27, 2015

Bill Winterberg recently visited SEI as part of his #FPPadTechTour. When here, he interviewed our own Raef Lee about SEI and how we help advisors from a technology perspective.

We also turned the tables on Bill and invited him into our video studio to film a video blog for Practically Speaking. Watch the video now and find out how you can get our newest whitepaper co-authored with Bill Winterberg, “Finding your Inner Techno-Advisor.”


Why a Rise in Interest Rates Shouldn’t Get You Down

Many advisors who continue to cite rising interest rates as one of their biggest fears. The pervasiveness of this view prompted today’s blog post from John Frownfelter – actually his fourth article on the topic. Find out why he believes this fear may be misplaced.


Breaking Bad (News): Talking to Your Clients About Curian (and More)

Aug 20, 2015

A few weeks ago, John Anderson wrote about the decision by Curian Capital to exit the Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP) business. Afterwards, he kept hearing: “How do I talk to my clients about this?” Today’s blog post by John Anderson addresses the bigger question for all of us: What happens when a partner/platform/product goes wrong? How do you have that conversation? Read and weigh in today.


Advising and Protecting Clients with Diminished Mental Capacity

Aug 18, 2015

Advisors play a vital role in combating financial exploitation of the elderly and as such, regulators have issued guidelines which advisers can use, along with advice from attorneys, compliance consultants and fellow advisers, to mitigate the risk to themselves and clients. Today’s guest blog post from Rita Dew of National Compliance Services reviews potential perpetrators, and what to do if your client finds themselves in this unfortunate predicament.


10 Lessons from Our Interns’ 10 Weeks at SEI

Aug 13, 2015

As the summer begins to wrap up, so does our time with the 40 summer interns spending time at SEI. Here at the SEI Advisor Network, we hosted 5 of the college students this summer, and we didn’t just have them shuffle paper or do “creative filing;” we tested them by assigning them group projects around topics critical to our businesses. Frankly, we were blown away with the results and with the fresh ideas presented by these millennials who could barely spell SEI eight short weeks ago.

Today’s post is written by two of our standout interns – and introduced by John Anderson. As you read about how they spent the summer, think about how your office could benefit from some fresh blood and new ideas. I’ve written many times about hiring interns and the value they can bring, why not try it for your own firms.


Advisors + Social Media = New Clients (And We’ll Show You the Math)

Aug 11, 2015

More and more advisors are using social media (3 out 4 to be exact), but do you find yourself asking, “What’s the real value?” It can be much more than just branding. After all, increased website traffic is all well and good, but how can you convert those “lurkers” into real, qualified prospects?

If you find yourself asking this question, read today’s blog post from Amy Sitnick, with highlights from SEI’s upcoming webinar with Ted Jenkin – nationally-ranked advisor who has grown his business throgh social media.


An Advisor’s Guide to Transitioning TAMP Providers

The recent unfortunate announcement that Curian Capital decided to exit the TAMP business (turnkey asset management program) put a lot of advisors in a difficult position.

Earlier this week, John Anderson hosted a webinar that provided some best practices around the decision-making process for selecting a new partner. The goal was to help those advisors affected to look at their choices objectively, instead of using gut feelings or sitting through the “beauty contest” of pitches from wholesalers and platform providers. He also thought advisors could use a tool that would help them make a sound decision, and even provide a basis for communicating that decision to their clients. With that in mind, John has outlined the steps that may help in today’s blog post.


When it Comes to Marketing, Act Like a Bakery, Not a Bake Sale

We are in the midst of a DIY revolution. It seems as if people think they can teach themselves almost anything. Advisors certainly see this from “do-it-themselves” investors. The funny thing is, so many financial advisors do the same thing when it comes to their own marketing. Jhn Anderson recently spoke with marketing expert, April Rudin, and they turned their conversation into today’s guest blog post.

Read and weigh in. Are you doing your own marketing? Should you really outsource that to an expert as well?


Tax Planning Academy: Part Two. Tax Smart Portfolio Transitions

Jul 30, 2015

This week, John Anderson is doing what he always preaching about – outsourcing. He’s asked Dean Mioli, our resident Tax Doctor, to follow up his Tax Planning Academy webinar series with information on minimizing the tax bite on transitioning taxable portfolios.

Watch today’s entertaining video blog with John and Dean, and read important information on tax education and management.




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