How Building Personas Helps You Help Your Clients (And Get More of Them)

Mar 26, 2015

In today’s special video blog (“vlog”), John Anderson discusses key research from FA Insight demonstrating that standout advisory firms actually spend less on their marketing. However, in order to do so, they need to really understand their target audience, and what might appeal to them in a financial advisor. You end up with a “persona” of your ideal client.

If you build your personas well, you can literally bring your ideal clients to life (well, almost)…


Hot Button LinkedIn Topics for Financial Advisors

Mar 24, 2015

What’s right or wrong: Accepting a LinkedIn connection request from someone you don’t know on Linkedin? Making your LinkedIn connections public vs. private? Contacting someone who “Viewed your profile?”

Get your LinkedIn questions answered in today’s blog post from Amy Sitnick, Social Media Marketing Manager for the SEI Advisor Network. Take a look and comment back with your questions and comments.


One Risk Score Should Not Rule Them All (Goals, that is)

Mar 19, 2015

Is investment risk tolerance is misstated in most software and planning questionnaires? John Anderson thinks so and in today’s blog post, he pushes for modular risk tolerance questionnaires and software. He takes on this hot topic and suggests why advisors need to add a human touch to client portfolios produced from financial planning software. Read and share your experiences in our blog “comments” section.


On Rugby, St. Paddy’s Day, and Modular Financial Planning

Mar 17, 2015

Raef Lee often finds himself explaining British geography and government to his US counterparts. Who would have thought that there would be a connection to financial planning?
This St. Patrick’s Day, Englishman Raef explains how the United Kingdom and the sum of its parts is similar to full financial planning compared to modular financial planning. Read on for information on full financial planning vs. modular, as well as GenXGenY and fees.


3 Ways to Structure Your Fees – and 3 Concrete Ways to Communicate Your Value

Your clients will most likely never question how much you charge for your services if you are providing real value. There are of course a lot of ways to add value to a client relationship as well as many ways to get paid for the value you provide. Wouldn’t it be great if adding value and getting paid were aligned? Today’s blog post by John Anderson gets right to the core of this issue and presents ideas for a new fee schedule. Fees are always a hot-button topic for advisors; does today’s article address your questions about advisory fees?


Are you getting what you pay for?

Mar 10, 2015

When you’re a small business owner (financial advisor), it can be difficult to find out what your peers are doing, how they are growing, or what they are paying. Without a doubt, compensation and benchmarking are among the more frequent conversations John Anderson has with advisors. Today we introduce a guest post by Eliza DePardo from FA Insight. What to know if your compensation is in line with the market? What to know how others are providing incentive compensation? Read this article and participate in their upcoming study.


Tax Planning Academy Q&A: Roths, DAFs, and Taxable Bonds

The Advisor Tax Planning Academy was created to provide advisors the tools and advice to help differentiate themselves and assist clients. In today’s blog post, John Anderson and “Tax Doctor” Dean Mioli recap the questions asked by advisors in part one of our webinar series. You won’t want to miss this helpful Q&A with tax planning ideas to help you manage your clients tax bill. You’ll also get access to a new 2015 tax guide and tax return line item review. What questions do you have for our Tax Doctor? Comment in this post and we’ll be sure to respond.


Capture Retiring Boomer Assets By Addressing Their Concerns

The baby boomers are coming, the baby boomers are coming! The largest subset of assets in our industry is moving from corporations and private retirement plans into the advisory domain. The assets in motion are targeted to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.1 trillion.

In today’s blog post, John Frownfelter puts the statistics associated with the baby boomer demographic into perspective and highlights the size of opportunity. How can advisors capture additional assets and address investors’ needs? Find out now.


Stick a Fork in Your AUM Fees: Price Your Services Based on Your Value

Feb 26, 2015

When Raef Lee and I delivered the results of our national survey and presented our whitepaper “The Next Wave of Financial Planning,” we got two types of questions. The first, regarding technology, Raef answered in his Practically Speaking blog post two weeks ago. The others focused mainly on fees. Specifically, our suggestion, that while we don’t hear much today, we look at advisory fees as being at a fork in the road, due to the influence of a more educated client, demands for more transparency, client “validators” and the growth of robo-advisors. The whitepaper suggested that advisors should prepare for a shift when it comes to fees – it looks like that shift is starting sooner than we expected…


Meet the Techno-Advisor: How Technology Can Future-Proof Your Practice

Feb 24, 2015

Today you’ll meet an impressive milllennial from the SEI Advisor Network Solutions Practice Management Team and colleague of Raef Lee, Missy Pohlig. Raef introduces her in today’s post, and shares her engaging conversation with advisor, Dave Grant of Finance for Teachers.

Find out why they are tired of the term “millennial” and hear their suggestions for using technolgy to better serve your clients. You’ll get actionalble ideas you can easily implement in your practice now and be better positioned to outshine robo-advisors trying to disrupt the marketplace.




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