Stop, Collaborate and Listen: How Advisors Can Get Referrals from COIs

Jun 25, 2015

Referrals are the lifeblood of an advisor’s business, and COI referrals can be the most significant ones. However, if you’re like many advisors, you may be making mistakes when trying to cultivate these prized relationships. Today’s video blog by John Anderson talks about his own experience – and even his mistakes, in working with COIs and provides concrete ways you increase referrals from COIs. Watch and weigh in today with your approach to winning new relationnships.


The Evolution of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing (And What It Means for Your Business)

Jun 23, 2015

There’s no question that word-of-mouth has always been the best form of marketing. What’s changed, however, is how we can now solicit information from our networks. Sure, we still ask our friends, family, and co-workers for their feedback and share our experiences, only now we’re using technology to do it. Today’s guest blog post from Dave Charest of Constant Contact tells you why your online presence is the key to more introductions from prized potential prospects.


Why Advisors Should Include a Financial Tune-up in their Owner’s Manual

Jun 19, 2015

When it comes to servicing clients, many advisors look for milestones or specific dates on the calendar to review their clients’ goals, attitudes toward risk, or basic asset allocation. These time-tested habits may have worked in the past, but after the last few years, is that really enough?

In today’s blog post by John Anderson, he’ll provide you with ways to help your clients keep pace with the changing markets. You’ll also get access to an investor-approved toolkit with materials you can share with clients. Check it out!


Risk, Comparatives and Expectations: Helping Clients Understand Performance

One of the most uncomfortable conversations advisors have with clients is about perceived poor performance. Clients may feel disappointed with performance, despite having clearly conveyed expectations to their advisor. Advisors may feel they’re receiving undue criticism from clients about performance. The root of the problem lies in getting advisors and investors to agree on a definition of good investment performance. Sound familiar? If so, read today’s blog post from John Frownfelter. He breaks down misunderstood risk and misaligned expectations.


Two Routes to Compelling Value

Jun 11, 2015

With greater disclosure on costs and low cost alternatives for financial advice and for investing , many advisors struggle to articulate the reason that clients should pay a premium to do business with them. That’s why we’re sharing today’s guest blog post from Dan Richards. He’ll provide concrete ways you can communicate your value to investors. Enjoy!


Advisors: Here’s What Your Wealthy Clients Really Want

Jun 9, 2015

For the last six years, Scorpio Partnership, NPG Wealth Management and SEI have been studying the Futurewealthy. The study covers 3,113 investors from around the world, and defines the Futurewealthy as individuals who are growing their wealth quickly and have an average net worth of $2.7 million. The latest research is focused on the role of the advisor, or relationship manager: what the FutureWealthy want from their advisor, what they expect, and what they don’t want. Read today’s post by Raef Lee to hear the key details and breakdown by geographic territory, age of the investor, and what you might be able to contrast against your own practice.


Shorts: On Celebrating Successes and Misbehaving

In today’s edition of “Shorts” on Practically Speaking, John Anderson takes on two topics you’ll surely want to read. First hear about a quote from an advisor that made quite an impression, as well as a suggestion for your summer reading that explains behavioral economics to the layman, but in an interesting and even funny way.


Butts in Seats: How Advisors Can Use Social Media to Get Prospects to Your Events and Referrals to Your Office

Jun 2, 2015

Social media can give you the “oomph” to achieve the offline business development objectives that you’ve been pining to do just a little bit better. So before you say social media doesn’t work for business development, try using it to amplify the tactics that have worked for you in the past – namely, referrals and events.

To find out how, read today’s blog post from Amy Sitnick to find out what you can start doing online.


Why Your Clients Can’t Distinguish You from Other Advisors – and What to Do About It

How do you communicate or show your value and efforts to all of your clients? In today’s video blog from John Anderson breaks it down for you. Remember, if you can’t justify your worth, your clients won’t be able to either. Show them the way with the tools discussed in today’s post and weigh in with your own experiences. How do you communicate your value for the services charged to your clients?


Blogging Your Way to Success: 6 Steps for Advisors

May 21, 2015

Our Practically Speaking blog just hit its 4-year anniversary this week. Frankly, the response has been better than we ever anticipated or could have imagined. In today’s blog, John Anderson shares some of the major lessons we’ve learned in creating and growing our blog – and give you some food for thought about blogging as a way to engage with your prospects and provide another service touch with your clients.




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