Is Your IPS Super Bowl Worthy? Don’t Wing It

The coaches’ game plans will be one of the most important tools determining the outcome of the game. I liken that to one of your most important tools – the investment policy statement (IPS). It’s what can keep your clients on course and headed for success.


Casting Shadows: What Groundhog Day and the Markets Have in Common

Just like Groundhog Day is a forecast (of sorts), the recent behavior of the market has people wondering about the next bear market. Are they onto something? John Frownfelter weighs in.


[Video] Minding Your Fees and Qs: What Advisors Are Asking

Jan 28, 2016

John Anderson and Raef Lee dive into the tough questions heard during the Fees at a Crossroads Webinar. Join the advisor fee discussion.


Digging into Fees: How to Unearth Revenue Opportunities

Jan 26, 2016

If your clients don’t understand your value, it might be hard to substantiate your fees. Raef Lee burrows into the details of our latest advisor fee research to help you determine the model that works best for you.


Advisors: Kick Your Newsletters Up a Niche (or Start One)

Jan 21, 2016

If your clients and prospects are not reading and sharing your newsletter, it’s probably your fault. John Anderson shows you how to find the sweet spot with your content (hint: it’s all about your niche).


Don’t Let Bad Press Crush Your Sales

Jan 19, 2016

Brian Hart explains some of the positives of social to help clients find you as well as how to deal with that “bad press.” I thought Brian’s article was especially relevant in light of today’s markets and regulatory environment.


Intrapreneurship: A Young Advisor’s Pitch to A Traditional Advisory Firm

Jan 14, 2016

If your #bookofbusiness isn’t growing like it used to, maybe you should try harnessing the intrapreneurial spirit of your junior advisors. Missy Pohlig shares one advisor’s story.


Happy New Year? : The Transition from 2015 to 2016

With the headwinds we’re currently facing, is there reason to think that 2016 will be a “happy” new year? In his new #advisorblog , John Frownfelter weighs in on the latest economic news.


How 2016 Can Be the Year of the Advisory Business

John Anderson discusses what your New Year’s Resolution is and should be.


Our Most Popular Posts of 2015, Part 2

In 2015 we published over 50 blogs from SEI contributors as well as guest columnists from around the industry. Since other advisors found these articles so valuable, we wanted to make sure that you also saw them (again!). Today we’re running our second batch of “Best of” hits on Practically Speaking.




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