Advisors: Don’t Bother with the NextGen prospects. Unless…

If you read the financial press, blogs (like this one) and research reports, you would know that many people are predicting the coming wave of younger investors (NextGen) are going to be a force to be reckoned with. They are wealthier than advisors get them credit for and appreciate financial planning. They are also less loyal, and desire more transparency and a greater online line presence for communication. For the last few years, everyone has been telling advisors to wake up and start marketing to younger clients, in order to build a business for the future. After all, as the argument goes; your clients are only getting older and will soon begin to draw down their assets with you. You need the NextGen to replace those assets. But that can be easier said than done. If it is not a natural fit for you as an individual, it could be for your business? Find out in today’s blog post by John Anderson.


Understanding the Power of Email Marketing Relationships

Dec 9, 2014

Usually you hear me talking a lot about social media marketing; however, do you have a process for how to nurture your new relationships once a prospect gets added to your database? Also, what about clients? How are you communicating with them? Email marketing might just be the perfect next step. It’s cost-effective, easy to track and you can easily personalize the communications geared towards your clients’ interests.

Check out today’s guest post by Dave Charest of Constant Contact, a leading provider of email marketing and more for small businesses, for more on the value of taking your digital relationships to the next level. SEI recently announced a new strategic alliance with Constant Contact; today’s post includes access to a 60-day free trial and discount on their services. Happy reading!


Advisors: Do you Have a Job, a Practice, or a Business?

As I mentioned in our group post last week, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. That said, one of my least favorite Thanksgiving traditions involves trying to explain to distant relatives and others exactly what I do for a living. Believe me, I have taken my own advice and have a beautifully crafted value provision that fits my targeted clients. But the value prop doesn’t resonate with the manager of a nationally owned tire store, the owner of a pawnshop, or a couple of practicing psychotherapists. In fact, it may not resonate with some advisors, either. When I say that I work with financial service business owners, most advisors can’t differentiate whether they just have a job, a practice, or a business – and to me, that is a problem.


The Future of Financial Planning – An Interview with Alex Murguia, inStream

Dec 2, 2014

Today’s blog post by Raef Lee is the first in a series of interviews with the CEOs of financial planning software providers. First up, Alex Murguia – president and founder of inStream. Read on for what he sees as the key trends of the business and technology of financial planning as well as his take on whether or not he feels advisors are effectively using the software that they have today. You’ll also get access to our newest white paper executive summary, The Next Wave of Financial of Financial Planning.


Being Thankful

Nov 25, 2014

Our Practically Speaking blog posts usually go out on Tuesday and Thursday. (In my case, that means scrambling to meet a deadline for editing and compliance the day before.) As Thursday is Thanksgiving, we decided to post just one post this week and I’ve asked each of our regular SEI contributors to discuss what they are thankful for this year. Check out today’s blog post to hear from everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!


How to Transition More of Your Book to Fee-Based

Nov 20, 2014

If you are one of those almost 70% of advisors that have some advice-based business but are looking to transition more of your book, read John Anderson’s blog post and get access to our most recent webinar toolkit. You’ll find the steps necessary to really transform your business. It won’t be just the why… it will be the “how.”


Holiday Do’s and Don’ts for Advisors on Social Media

Nov 18, 2014

Social media is a way to humanize your company. And the holidays, even the latest hair-raising trend of “Movember,” give you an opportunity to do just that. Read today’s blog post by Amy Sitnick for social media holiday do’s and don’ts so you’re prepared to market your practice all the way into 2015.


Advisors: Are Your Newsletters Missing a Key Ingredient?

Nov 13, 2014

If you want to communicate to your clients (and maybe some prospects), it is worth doing right. Do you want your emails and/or newsletters to be immediately trashed, or do you want them to add value to your client relationships? If you make it personal, they will want to hear from you. Find out how you can make your communications have an impact with investors in today’s blog post from John Anderson.


3 Characteristics Veterans and Advisors Share

Veterans Day is a deeply personal holiday for me. I was raised in a small, rural town and enlisted in the United States Army when I was 17 to give back for the freedoms we enjoy in our great nation. There were a variety of influences in my life that drove the decision..


Is Your Plan Focused on the Right Indicators?

As you think about planning for 2015 think about ask yourself, do I want sustainable growth or growth for growth’s sake? In today’s blog post, John Anderson highlights SEI’s recent webinar with co-sponsor, FA Insight, and insights from their research study, Growth by Design.




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