Why a Niche Approach to Millennials Matters

Oct 13, 2015

We’re in the midst of what I would call “millennial mayhem” – tons of articles and research about this demographic are being published every day. And I commonly find myself […]


Getting Ready (Really) for CRM in Your Practice

Oct 8, 2015

In today’s guest blog post, Raef Lee introduces Blane Warrene of strategic partner: QuonWarrene. Blane discusses the difficult topic of how an advisor firm should approach identifying and implementing a new CRM.

Check it out and weigh in with your CRM experiences and questions.


Hear Me Roar: 10 Ways Female Advisors Can Build Their Brand and Business

Oct 6, 2015

Despite women controlling 80% of all purchasing decisions, only one quarter of financial advisors are women. However, the financial advisory profession is one truly suited to women’s innate abilities to be empathizers and relationship builders.

In today’s blog post, Amy Sitnick provides ten ways women advisors can thrive and succeed through marketing.


Thriving on Tech: An Interview with Advisors Mike Ptaszenski, CFP® and Steve Erfle, CFP®

We’ve been writing a lot about incorporating technology into advisory practices. Today, we are going to do something different. Instead of sharing our thoughts and experiences around advisor technology, John Anderson interviews two advisors who are walking the walk. Mike Ptaszenski, CFP® and Steve Erfle, CFP® are the co-founders of Thrive Wealth Management in Audubon, PA.

Read today’s blog for ways this advisory firm is using technology to communicate and service clients.


Failure to Launch: Why the FOMC Didn’t Raise Rates

Just recently, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) concluded another routine two day Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting (meetings are about every eight weeks) where they decided, once again, to keep the Federal Fund Rate at nearly zero. This time, they cited “recent global economic and financial developments” as the reason for standing still.

But what is the federal funds rate and how did it get so low? Find out in today’s blog post from John Frownfelter. You’ll also hear good reminders to tell clients who want to take action when the market is volatile.


[VIDEO BLOG] Tax Planning Academy Part 3 Q&A: In CRTs We Trust

Sep 24, 2015

SEI recently presented a series of three webinars otherwise known as the “Tax Academy.” Hosted by SEI’s own Tax Doctor, Dean Mioli focused on tax return fundamentals, tax-managed investment strategies and charitable transfers.

For highlights presented during the webinars, as well as Q&A from the third webinar installment, watch today’s video blog with Dean. What questions do you have for the Tax Doctor? Leave a comment at the bottom of today’s blog.


Advisors: Avoid “Email Battleship” with Scheduling Software

Sep 22, 2015

One of the banes of any advisor’s work life is scheduling meetings and calls with clients. However, new tools are available that can help you (and your clients!) move past the duel of email Battleship®.

In today’s post, Raef Lee lays out the landscape of scheduling software and how advisors can use these programs for regular client communication. Get ready to feel more productive and efficient!


Partner, Don’t Present: How Co-Planning Deepens the Advisor-Client Relationship

Sep 17, 2015

Traditionally, financial plans have always been created “on behalf of” or “for” the client, not with the client. The plan is presented and almost immediately forgotten by the client, as they go back to their busy lives.

John Anderson helps you fight back against this trend in today’s blog, and provides three ways build a financial plan together and for the long term.


3 Things Advisors Get Wrong About Millennials

Sep 15, 2015

Think you know everything about millennials? Think again. In today’s blog post, John Anderson welcomes Missy Pohlig as an regular contributor to the blog and Missy shows why millennials have been a catalyst for positive change in other industries and how she thinks they’re going to make the financial advisory industry better. What do you think?

Share your comments and help us welcome Missy to the blog. Be sure to connect with her on Twitter too! (@SEIMissyP)


Selling against your firm: What would you (or your competition) say?

Sep 10, 2015

If you want to identify the holes in your practice, ask yourself this question: “If you were a competitor, how would you sell against your own firm?”

In today’s blog post, John Anderson reflects on the current communication blitz seemingly aimed at investors who may want a second opinion amidst market volatility and provides five key questions to start looking at your offering in the eyes of a competitor.




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